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Thursday Night Shenanigans

Planning Ahead for 2022

If you ever raced or even watched a Short Track Cross Country race, you know how much fun they are. It’s like NASCAR but on a Mountain Bike with technical trails. Can’t get any better than that.

At the moment I’m working on planning out a great Short Track loop at the Vasa Trailhead. I’d love to utilize a portion of the awesome Vasa bike park in the loop. Hopefully when the snow melts in the spring we can kick off the first few Thursday Night races.

As I work on the course and have a better plan for the spring I will keep updating this page. So don’t forget to keep checking for more info.

What is a Short Track Cross Country Event?

Only the most fun and most Painful 20-30min of your life. Short Track races are very rare in Michigan but not rare in collegiate, national, and world cup events. You can kind of compare a short track (STXC) to a Crit race on the road, with some differences still. In an STXC race you give it everything you have, don’t leave anything out there. Short track races are usually 20-30min + 1 lap. In a typical STXC at the national and world cup level racers are pulled out of the race before they get lapped by the leader. Since this is just a small Thursday Night STXC we most likely won’t be pulling anyone out of the race. If you’d like to watch some awesome STXC races at the World Cup level and get an idea what it’s all about, check out the video below of the 2021 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup STXC in Snowshoe WV! This is just a recap video and will not show the whole race. If you’d like to see the whole event, head over to the Redbull Website and watch the whole STXC and XC race.