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VASA Single Tracks

The VASA Single Tracks are a favorite of many Michigan Cyclists. It’s a very well marked trail with posts at every intersection. This is a one way trail which takes the worry of running into another rider away. The trail goes clockwise even years and counter clockwise odd years, the switching directions helps keep the trail interesting and in better shape.

The majority of the trail is on the south side of the VASA pathway two track. It crosses the VASA pathway for a few miles, and I must say, that is the favorite part of the trail. It’s fast, flowy, and well maintained. In the later months of summer when it starts to dry out more sand starts to show up on the trail, but nothing unbearable.

Another favorite is the extra Strombolis Lake loop on the south east section of the trail. It’s an extra 4 mile loop that you can go either direction on. I highly recommend you add this loop onto your ride since it has some very beautiful views of Strombolis Lake and get to ride a long it. It’s a great spot to stop for snacks and get some pictures on a beautiful summer day.

The VASA single tracks loop is also groomed for Fat Biking in the winter along with some other marked single tracks. Fat Biking is great fun in the cold months of the year and the trail is breathtaking covered in snow.

The VASA Single Tracks has a nice parking lot off of Supply Road. The directions to the trailhead are mapped out below. There’s a large map at the start of the trail with lots of information.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and enjoy a great day on the trails!

Directions To The VASA Single Track Trailhead

Click “more options” to bring up google maps in another tab then put in your location to get directions to the trailhead.